Greg McCoy Crafts Ultimate Fitness Destination

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I have been acquainted with Greg McCoy for about four years. He is one of those industry individuals that quickly bursts on the scene and his name seems to be everywhere. At that time, I was making my living by doing a combination of freelance magazine work and supplement company consulting. I wrote a review of a training video McCoy produced at the grand opening of his gym. I got a couple of chances to interact with him and he impressed me as a genuinely good guy.

For a young businessman, he quickly established a reputation for being a solid individual. This is a rarity, as most fast-risers seem to quickly develop a mixed reputation, with some supporters but just as many burnt bridges due to the shortcuts they made scrambling for fast success.

McCoy is a different breed. In an industry often filled with cut-throat competitors, haters and those jealous of success, he has maintained a sterling status and a reputation of character. When he contacted me last spring requesting to stop by the elitefts™ facility, I welcomed the chance to meet him in person and extended the rare opportunity for him and his crew (including Michael Johansson and the management team from GASP clothing) to try a training session in our exclusive, invite-only S-4 training facility. We also sat down for an impromptu interview:

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