Meet PRIME Fitness

This equipment feature puts the spotlight on one of the newest brands to be added to, PRIME Fitness. If you haven’t heard of PRIME yet, you’re about to find out why they’ve been making some pretty big waves in the strength world since their start late 2014. Their unique approach to designing and engineering strength equipment is highlighted by their patented SmartStrength™ Variable Resistance Technology, found on their selectorized and plate-loaded machines. At its core, SmartStrength™ allows a user to move the peak resistance of the exercise throughout the range of motion, effectively offering the ability to target load-varying positions of the range of motion, ultimately training a muscle from origin to insertion. Since their launch on the strength scene, the US strength manufacturer has taken their “science-forward” approach to the accessory market, too.

In this feature, we’ll be highlighting their popular RO-T8 (“rotate”) Handles and a few of the related RO-T8 accessories. Check out the videos below with the team from N1 Education showcasing the design features, versatility, and adjustability the products in the RO-T8 Family from PRIME have to offer.

RO-T8 Products Introduction

Check out this introduction to the PRIME RO-T8 family of products by Coach Kassem Hanson with N1 Education. In this video, we highlight the RO-T8 Handles, RO-T8 Long Bar, and Short Bar. Coach Kassem explains how the RO-T8 Handles provide a superior mechanical advantage when compared to a fixed traditional handle, and when combined with the RO-T8 Long and Short Bars, the RO-T8 Handles can be adjusted to take your mechanics to a whole new level.

RO-T8 Handles Feature Overview

In this video, Coach Kassem with N1 Education takes a deeper dive into the benefits of the RO-T8 Handles. Coach Kassem explains how the RO-T8 Handles drastically reduce grip fatigue, unwanted tension on the wrist, and the need for wrist wraps – ultimately yielding a better-targeted contraction and saving you precious time in the gym.

RO-T8 Long Bar Feature Overview

Now that we understand the key benefits of the RO-T8 Handles specifically, let’s take them even further with the RO-T8 Long Bar. The RO-T8 Long Bar offers the ability to adjust the width of the grip position from a maximum width of 36 inches down to a minimum width of 18 inches in 1.5-inch increments. This adjustability is perfect for properly training the lats. By adjusting the width of the grip, the RO-T8 Long Bar produces a natural position that makes keeping the hands and arms in front of the body easier, maximizing output potential to the targeted muscle.

RO-T8 Short Bar Feature Overview

Last, but certainly not least, we take a deeper look into the RO-T8 Short Bar. Similar to the RO-T8 Long Bar, the RO-T8 Short Bar offers the ability to change the grip width in seconds. The RO-T8 Short Bar has a maximum width of 18 inches and a minimum width of 9 inches in 1-inch increments. In this video, we demonstrate two different row variations targeting different back muscles by simply changing the width of the RO-T8 Short Bar. Also, hear from N1 Coach Adam Miller, a competitive lifter, on how using the PRIME RO-T8 Bars has allowed him to effectively train his back without putting unnecessary stress on his back and shoulders, allowing him to train more frequently.

The PRIME RO-T8 family of products has been uniquely designed to put science on your side by maximizing the biomechanical advantage and drastically reducing undesired joint stress and fatigue. That means better-targeted contractions, superior joint health, and the gains you’ve been looking for. Learn more at