Elitefts™ Director of Education Mark Watts demonstrates 7 different squat warm-up exercises using the elitefts™ mini-bands in addition the standard "bands-around-knees" exercises.

Utilizing bands with the squat warm-up is beneficial to an athlete (particularly beginners) because it provides feedback to improve technique and activate targeted muscle groups.

Using Bands to Warm-up the Squat can benefit by:

  1. Enhancing Kinesthetic awareness through physical feedback
  2. Activating muscle groups preventing maximal performance in the squat
  3. Reinforcing proper technique by assisting in the sequencing of joint action for optimal performance

Exercises in this video and primary goal:

  1. Bands Around Knees (TKEs): VMO activation
  2. Band Around Hips (facing): Pushing hips back on descent
  3. Band Around Hips (facing away): Finishing with hip drive
  4. Band Under Feet (front squat): Sitting back on squat
  5. Band Under Feet (oh squat): posture
  6. Band Under Feet (muscle snatch): coordination
  7. Band around Rack (oh squat): PSG activation

Time Stamp and Band Alternative:

  • :35 Bands Around Knees (TKEs) - minis to strong
  • :55 Band Around Hips (facing) - minis to strong
  • 1:04 Band Around Hips (facing away) minis to strong
  • 1:23 Band Under Feet (front squat) - micros to monster-minis
  • 1:33 Band Under Feet (oh squat) - micros to monster-minis
  • 1:43 Band Under Feet (muscle snatch) - micros to monster-minis
  • 2:04 Band around rack (oh squat) - micros to monster-minis


Mark Watts' Training Log

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