Name: Abdominal Wheel

Category: Accessory

Muscles Targeted: Abdominals

Exercise Description: Start on your knees and roll yourself out, keeping your abs tight. Once you're parallel to the floor bring yourself up and back to the starting position.

This isn't an exercise for everyone as it requires great core strength. For a real challenge, try this movement from a standing position. Begin with straight legs and the wheel at your feet. Keeping the legs straight and your low back arched, extend out until you're parallel to the floor. From this position, reverse the motion while keeping your legs straight.

Training Mistakes: I've seen many mistakes with this movement over the past few years. The first is rounding the back. I know you're all saying, "Dave, we already knew this." Well, if you already knew it then quit doing it! Funny how everyone knows this but I keep seeing the same thing over and over again!

Also, your goal with this movement is to be able to do them from your feet, not your knees. So instead of three sets of twenty on your knees, move up to your feet. So what if you only do a few sets of three reps; this is what you need to get stronger.

If you can’t go all the way down to the floor from your feet then do them standing in front of a wall. Use the wall as a break for your range of motion. Start so you're only going half the way down. As you get stronger you can move back.