Elitefts™ Sponsored Pro Powerlifter and Amateur Physique Competitor Julia Ladewski demonstrates  how to perform a banded dumbbell leg curl.

The addition of the band increases the intensity of the contraction. The use of bands will also cause eccentric overload. The eccentric phase causes the most muscle damage which is important if your goal is hypertrophy.

The Setup:

  • Attach one end of the band to the bottom of a power rack.
  • Attach the other end of the band to the dumbbell.
  • Lie face down on a decline bench.
  • Place the dumbbell with attached band between the feet and perform lying leg curls.

Keys to success:

  • Squeeze the feet together hard to ensure the dumbbell stays in place. This will also increase the intensity of the contraction in the hamstrings.
  • Push your hips into the bench to keep the tension on the hamstrings.
  • Do not lock out the legs or you risk dropping the dumbbell.
  • Due to the tension pulling the weight back down it is important to control the eccentric phase.