Specialty bars should have a soft spot in every athlete's heart.  They can amplify weight with slight tweaks, they can reduce strain on overworked muscles, and they can make training more fun and exciting.  They are true, welded, works of art.  One such work of art is the EliteFTS™ Rackable Cambered Squat Bar.

This bar is very simple, but its distinguishing features make it an awesome training implement.  The camber can provide relief on the shoulers in regular back squats.  At the same time, the camber slightly changes the squat: demanding a specific movement pattern and inducing instability.

Front squatting puts a tremendous load on your quads, and demands stronger abdominals, erectors and other core muscles.  It's an essential squat and deadlift builder, but it can occasionally get a little boring.  How do you turn it up a notch? Introduce the EliteFTS™ Rackable Cambered Squat Bar.

Here EliteFTS™ Athlete Brandon Smitley shows us how he utilizes Cambered Bar Box Front Squats for deadlift assistance training.  This assistance movement is a killer quad and core builder.  The EliteFTS™ Rackable Cambered Squat Bar induces instability, a demanding weight placement, and bar path.  Top it all off with a pause on the box to eliminate spring and rebound and you have an training tool that will destroy you and make you better.


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