Elite FTS Pro lifter Casey Williams works on Cambered Bar squats as a change up to his squat routine. Casey uses the cambered bar because of the much needed shoulder relief due to the bars shape. Squatting heavy with a 7ft barbell can take its toll on the shoulders, especially if your shoulder mobility and external rotation aren’t up to much.

The cambered bar allows you to have a grip that is around waist level. This takes a lot of the strain from your shoulders and gives them a break while still allowing you to get some heavy squatting done. The cambered bar forces you to be very controlled and deliberate with your movements.

The Workout

Cambered bar squat
Add onyx average bands (135#)
Add belt
505x1x5 sets 1 min rest  (640# at the top)


To complete this workout you will need a cambered bar and resistance bands.

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