DeFranco's Tsunami Bar Complex

TAGS: barbell complex, volleyball, Tsunami Bar, Joe Defranco

I did a little bit of digging on Joe DeFracno's youtube page to find this hidden gem. Here we see one of Joe's volleyball athletes performing a barbell complex using the level 3 tsunami bar.

The tsunami bar is a great tool for any athlete or client. The flexibility of the bar creates oscillatory movement giving more stimulus to the sensory feedback system of the body. This can lead the brain to activate more muscle fibers through a two pronged approach. The first being the response to the instability, the athlete will create more intra-abdominal pressure and squeeze the bar harder to create stability from the inside out. The second would be the feedback loop, squeezing would create enough stability to stop the bar from moving causing greater activation of the neuromuscular system. This can make the tsunami bar an invaluable tool for any coach.

In this complex Joe had his athlete perform 6 reps for the following movements:

1. Stiff leg deadlift

2. Bent over row

3. High pull

4. Push press

5. Reverse lunge, perform all 6 on the same leg before switching

There are 3 types of the tsunami bar, the level 3, the level 1, and the light. Each have their own intended use

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