Along with Mountain Dog Intern Derek Dolgner, Elitefts™ Director of Education Mark Watts explains how to implement a Band TKE and Heel Touch-Down progression fro athletes.  There is also a variation using multiple bands to save time in a training session.

TKEs (Terminal Knee Extensions) is an outstanding exercises to develop the quadriceps, specifically the Vastus Medialis (VMO).  The TKE is unique because is is a closed-chained exercise isolating the quadriceps.  Implemented in combination with myo-facial release work with the IT (liliotibial) band can alleviate issues with knee pain.  This is also an outstanding exercise for injury rehab.

First got this progression from a video series on with Buddy Morris and Tom Myslinski when they were with the Cleveland Browns.


Execution of the Movement

  1. Ensure the band is placed directly behind the knee
  2. Push the knee forward to about 15-30 degrees while keeping the heel on the ground
  3. Straighten the leg and lock the knee while squeezing the quad

Ways to progress and regress this movement

  1. Volume
  2. Frequency
  3. Time-Under-Tension (length of static contraction)
  4. Band Tension
  5. Height of Box
  6. Any combination of two or more of these elements

9 Week Progression 1×20

  1. Light band from floor
  2. Average band from floor
  3. Strong band from floor
  4. Light band from 6in box
  5. Average band from 6in box
  6. Strong band from 6in box
  7. Light band from 12in box
  8. Average band from 12in box
  9. Strong band from 12in box