Elitefts.com™ Advisor and Mountain Dog Training and Diet Owner, John Meadows, along with Jennica Kid demonstrate chest supported incline cambered bar rows.  This exercises in an excellent way to gain hypertrophy in the upper back. Lying prone on an incline bench accomplishes a number of things.  First, it removes unwanted pressure off  the lower back by supporting a simulated "bent over" position.  Secondly, by supporting the torso and upper body, the lifter is able to produce more force with every repetition in the row.  Finally, the angle of the incline will assist the lifter in recruiting more muscle involvement with the traps and rhomboids.

Using an Elitefts™ 4" cambered bar allows the lifter a great range of motion while lying on an incline bench.  Performing rows with a cambered bar can allow for a greater isometric contraction at the top of the row.