Elitefts™ Founder Dave Tate explains and demonstrates an exercise variation for a seated triceps dip machine.

Keys to success:

  • Pick a weight that is 1-2 plates more than you could push down with one arm.
  • Push the weight down with both arms.
  • Lower the weight with only one arm.
  • Continue to alternate between arms until failure is reached.
  • Do not go too heavy in weight or you will not be able to control the weight and tempo on the eccentric phase.
  • When you can no longer control the eccentric phase with one arm use both arms and perform as many reps as possible until failure.
  • Once failure is reached bring the weight to lock out with a slight bend in the arms and hold.
  • Keep holding until you feel the tension of the weight transfer from your triceps to your chest. Once this happens the set is complete.

Elitefts Founder Dave Tate performs the JM Press with the Swiss Bar and Chains. The bar puts your hands in a perfect position for the JM press.

Keys to Success:

  • Grip the bar at shoulder width with the elbow slightly wider than the hands (30-45 degrees)
  • Lower the bar without moving the upper arm with the wrists flexed (cocked)
  • Once the forearm is in contact with the upper arm, press the bar to the extended position.
  • The Upper Arm should not come forward or backward to keep maximal tension on the triceps.
  • The wrists should stay flexed until lockout to alleviate unwanted strain on the elbow

*The chains are a great addition to this exercise because it decreases the weight at the bottom of the motion, taking much of the stress off the elbows and increasing stress on the triceps.

Elitefts.com™ Founder and CEO Dave Tate explains and performs a mechanical drop set of Tricep Pushdowns with the elitefts™ Heavy Duty Teardrop Strap.

  • The multiple loops allow the lifter to change the mechanical leverage due to hand placement.
  • The longer strap allows the lifter to completely extend and shorten the muscle fibers in the triceps creating a stronger contracting.
  • The top loops are shorter which allows you to get your hands up higher for a better stretch and fuller range of motion.