There is not much to an over head press that has not already been said 100 times. First, keep your back straight and core as tight as you can. Squeeze you butt checks together and keep the knees slightly bent. When you press the bar, press from your chest back and directly over you head making sure to keep you elbows and wrists in line with the barbell during the entire lift. I have also found it best to breath in between reps while the bar is on your chest.

The Fat Bar is great for this as it disperses the weight of the load across the entire forearm unlike a regular barbell. Because of this you will feel less joint pain in the shoulders and elbows.

Sets and reps: As always this is really up to you but I generally do not like to see heavy work on any over head press. The risk is just not worth the benefit. I would rather see the reps high in the range of 10-15 with this movement.

El Gordo Fat Bar

EFS is proud to bring El Gordo to the masses. El Gordo is the phattest Fat Bar on the market; weighing 75lbs, measuring 16.5 cm around and displaying some tough knurling. Fatten up your grip and your bench training with El Gordo