Heavy Volume Bench with Casey Williams

TAGS: two board, close grip, Casey Williams, elitefts.com, chains, powerlifting, bench press

Elitefts Pro Powerlifter Casey Williams goes through a heavy volume bench session. One of the types of working sets are the close grip bench to a two board. The video below shows Casey going through the close grip bench with a two board workout.

The Workout:

Close grip to a 2 board
405x3 (75%)
405x3 1 chain per side
405x3 2 chains per side
405x3 3 chains per side (90# at the top)
405x3 2 chains per side
405x3 1 chain per side

To access more of Casey's Training Logs click here.

To complete this workout you will need a bench bar, two board, and chains.

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