The SS Yoke Bar has taken the performance world by storm. Its versatility makes it much more valuable than just a shoulder saving squat variation.

Here we have Ted Toalston performing a tricep press using the Yoke Bar.


The great part about using the Yoke Bar for this, other than it being really cool, is the pads act as a guide to facilitate good form. The movement of the vertical pads indicate the quality of your bar path. They should hit the chest and move directly back in the same plane. The horizontal pad gives you a target to move toward your face and to ensure the bar is being pressed evenly. The pads also help keep your elbows healthy by facilitating good form.


*Make sure to unscrew the handles before doing the movement

1. Make sure the bar is stable before you begin the press

2. Lower the bar until the vertical pads hit the chest

3. Bring the horizontal pad toward your face

4. Press up in a fluid motion using the same path created by the eccentric