Matt Ladewski uses an EliteFTS™ SS Yoke Bar with Pro Mini Red Resistance Bands attached to a Glute Ham Raise to strengthen his middle/upper back.

Having a strong middle and upper back is crucial, especially to help you in your big lifts. The squat, bench press, dead lift, and other lifts require strength in the middle/upper traps, rhomboids, rear delts, and lats. You will feel your back during the squat working by "breaking the bar over your back"... a cue that coaches like to give their athletes in order to activate the lats.

Matt uses EliteFTS™ Pro Mini Resistance Bands (Red) hooking them up to the EliteFTS™ Glute Ham Raise and attaching them around the EliteFTS™ SS Yoke Bar for added resistance. He leans against the Glute Ham Raise to take his lower back out of the exercise in order to target the mid/upper back.

From Dave's Training Log about this exercise:

This is not a beginner exercise. This is about working the muscles and not just doing the motion. If you can't feel or know how to contract this will be worthless for you.