Muscles Targeted: Lats and Cuff

I could not come up with a creative name for this so I made it as simple as I could. I started doing this after many ART sessions. This is the same movement pattern the therapist was using while trying to kill me with ART. While I do not have the deep tissue pressure (as ART offers) I still have the movement and can use the weight to pull my arm through the full range of motion.

To do this lay face down on a bench at a slight angle from the cable machine. Let the cable pull your arm up and over your head in a half moon motion. Try to get more range of motion with each rep and hold the stretch position for a 3-5 count.

I have found 5-6 reps to be optimal with a 5 second stretch. Any more reps does not increase my ROM past the 5 rep but this can be different for you.