Pushups with band behind back (upper body elevated)
Muscles Targeted Ego

Now I know that I've been critical of Dave in some of these pics recently. Yes, his style of fashion is...well, there is no style. It's kind of like passing off noise as avant garde music.

And his camo gear and emphasis on guns is depressing. Some people laugh with me and others are critcal to the point where I want to ask them: Do you even know Dave? This shit is funny to write about and even funnier to show Dave! And while it is done in jest, our roles are this: I'm to bring Dave back down to earth; he helps elevate my game. See how that works?

Now this excise is great for shoulder, chest and triceps strength. I will give Dave that. It's much better than elbow digs or prisoner pulls. With that in mind - he is elevated so ummm... that's all I'm going to say.