Good Mornings are an essential back strengthening accessory for any lifter from novice to advanced. The cool thing about Good Mornings is that there are many different variations and progressions.

For the novice lifter, for example, you can start with them standing on a band and wrapping the other end around their shoulders. When the lifter becomes more advanced, you can add different bars and overload with a good amount of weight.

In this video Clint Darden performs a seated Good Morning  on a box squat box using an EliteFTS™ Safety Squat Bar against Orange Resistance Bands to private some accommodating resistance. Since Clint is seated, there is more focus on his Quadratus Lumborum (QL) and spinal erectors. Therefore, applying bands as accommodating resistance is a safe, yet effective way to overload his back.

3:09-3:43 Seated Good Morning

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