Seated Rear Delt Dumbbell Raise

Category: Supplemental

Muscles Targeted: Rear Delts and Upper Back

This one is ole school so I am sure you have all done this a million times. This is great for working the rear delts and upper back.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and sit on the edge of a bench. Bend forward and the torso and place the dumbbells together under your knees. Now if you are a huge jacked up guy you may be better off standing and bending over. This was your head wont turn beat red from all the pressure of not being able to breath with your knees smashing into your stomach.

Stay bent over and raise the dumbbells out and to the side. Remember you are working the upper back and delts so play around with the angle of pull and elbow position. Find way feels best and stick with it.

When the guy walks over to you with the HUGE personal training logo on his back (looking like he is 12 and never touched a weight) to tell you your form sucks. Just look, smile and knock off another rep. Your delts will tell the story.