Two Arm Dumbbell Front Raise
What you lose: Integrity

I don't think I have to write much about this exercise. You hold 2 DB's and raise them in front. Should you point your thumb up or should they be facing each other? If you asked this question, it's time to take off the skirt and remove the mascara. It's a front raise.

But let's look at the picture for a second. My intial reaction was much like I have when I wake up in the middle of the night to take a wiz and I stub my toe. Pain, frustration and rage. I'm sure this pic will be posted on some web sites that will say, "Dave is so ripped" or "Dave looks so good now that he lost all this weight." or "All praise John Berardi." Well you know what?

You know nothing.

First, he looks too skinny. Second, he's wearing a wife beater, which is punishable by death in 32 states. Third, he's wearing dog tags. I shouldn't have to mention why that should never be worn (if you are a civilian).

Perhaps the worst part of this photo is the face. While it's hard to see, this picture shows intensity and effort. Now in case you forgot, the exercise is a front raise. If you look like this during a front raise, there is a good chance you didn't give enough effort on your max effort work.