Right outside of Indianapolis, in Mooreseville, IN lies CORE Fitness.  At first glance, when you walk into the main building, you get a small sense of strongman training, inside a massive facility for people who are just looking to workout for general health. However, take a stroll outside to the other building, and what you'll walk into is something completely different. Dubbed “The Barn” owner Aaron Molin houses a massive area dedicated solely to strongman training, with all sorts of equipment and implements most people could only dream of owning. Aaron has made collecting strongman equipment from various contests almost a hobby, so that the people training at his place can have access to the best tools available.

Maybe that’s why athletes like World’s Strongest Man hopeful and professional strongman Derek DeVaughan train and coach new athletes there. With ever the watchful eyes, Derek and Aaron are constantly assessing and coaching the younger athletes that train with them.

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Derek, a former college baseball player, has come up through the ranks in strongman and is now one of the top strength athletes in the world. Talking to him, and his calm demeanor, you can tell he loves what he does: helping new athletes make the best of themselves through strongman.

Aaron and Derek have created a tight-knit group of athletes, but they are always welcoming to people coming in to find the sport.  Aaron is active in helping drive strongman forward, holding high level contests, with high level implements, making the experience for new and veteran alike, one to remember. Make sure to keep a lookout for some big contests coming up down at CORE Fitness.

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