In northern Ohio, a stone’s throw away from Lake Erie lies Blind Dog Gym. Unassuming from the outside, you walk into a warehouse filled with energy, and every tool needed for any strength endeavor you could want to pursue. Owned by former professional highland games athlete Mark Valenti and his wife Erin, a CrossFitter turned strongwoman, Blind Dog Gym is a leader in northern Ohio strength sports.

Mark competed on the professional circuit of highland games for a number of years, with and against guys like Steve Pulcinella, Matt Vincent, Kerry Overfelt, Dan Mckimm, Paul Ferency, and Gregor Edmunds, just to name a few. To say he’s a seasoned and experienced athlete with a passion for strength is an understatement.

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Opening the gym as CrossFIt affiliate, Mark wanted to use that as a catalyst to bring other strength sports to light. He decided to introduce strongman to his members. As that has started to drive people through his door, he has created an awesome atmosphere and a large, eager team of athletes who have fallen in love with the sport. By also using his influences from Westside Barbell, he has a knack for turning out extremely strong and well-rounded competitors.

Blind Dog Gym is definitely worth the visit if you are in the area.  You will instantly feel welcome and have the chance to train alongside an awesome group of like-minded individuals.

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