East Coast / West Coast Strength, located in Carlstadt, NJ, is named as such because it has strong roots on both coasts. The original location in Costa Mesa, CA was opened by coaches Cameron Gardner and Scott Brengel, both high level athletes, who wanted to create an amazing training facility for strength athletes all across the board.

East Coast / West Coast New Jersey, always having elements in the area, was recently made an official gym earlier this year, when they purchased CrossFit Meadowlands and turned it into their own home with the help of coaches like Francis Corvelli and Tom Yanuzzi. Both coaches have a long history in strongman, and have continued to spread the culture in the New Jersey area.

Being a New Jersey native, I can tell you there is no shortage of gyms to visit. However, most of the gyms in the area are old school bodybuilding gyms, packed with machines, worn down barbells from the 70’s, and plenty of mirror space to check out your bis, tris, and well-manicured hair.  A gym that is truly dedicated to strength is few and far between. A gym that gives strongman a home is even harder to find.

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The 6000 square foot facility has everything the hardcore strength athlete needs, and offers the ease and comfortability someone just getting their feet wet desires. Everyone at the gym was very welcoming. When I got there, I met with Coach Frankie and talked for a while as he was getting ready to coach a cross training style class to about a dozen members. The familiarity he had with all of the members was reminiscent of so many of the successful, community-based gyms I’ve been able to visit.

After he taught the class, Coach Frankie, Tom Yannuzzi, and a few other strongmen got to work on their usual strongman training Saturdays. While they trained, there were lots of other athletes going through their training days, but you’d often witness them stop to see what the strongman athletes were doing.  According to Tom and Frank, that’s a usual occurrence, which has sparked interest by a lot of the gym members.

East Coast / West Coast New Jersey is a definite must-visit gym if you’re ever in the area. They have any piece of equipment you could ever imagine needing. Go visit one of the local delis, get yourself a Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese, and get ready to work!