Right outside the heart of Boston, down an unassuming street in Medford, Massachusetts lies Titan Barbell. Most people park on the street and walk down the driveway behind owner Eric Dawson’s house to a small facility just a few feet out his back door. As you walk into Titan’s doors, you quickly realize that inside, it’s all business. Eric’s clients, who come from all over the New England area, all know one another, and Eric greets them all like familiar friends.

Eric is a heavyweight professional strongman. He has been coaching people for years, and actually used to work with Murph down at TPS, but recently decided he wanted to venture off and start his own facility.  Setting up shop in his own back yard has given him the ability to oversee all aspects of the gym, to always be there for his clients, and most of all, to spend time with his family in the morning.

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While I was there, a few of Eric’s athletes were finishing up their last training sessions before the Arnold Amateur World Championships. Just a few days out, these athletes were getting in some last minute work to show up fresh and ready to rock. Later in the day, Eric also held a deadlift clinic for clients and out of towners alike. Eric and a few of his other coaches led a group of roughly 15 people through setups for both powerlifting and strongman, and coached them through the lifts. At the end of the day, PRs were set, and the attendees left happy, more knowledgeable, and ready to take their new found knowledge and apply it to their own training.

Eric really has something special going on at Titan Barbell. People from all walks of life come to him to better themselves, get healthy, and to get stronger. The knowledge, community, and hospitality are all first class. Titan Barbell is well worth the visit, and I expect great things to come from there in the future.

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