Hey Jim, I know you get a TON of questions about your 5/3/1 method and probably hate yourself for publishing the program, but I just thought I would drop in my own question. I know you recommend Doing chins/pullups as assistance work for the Military Press. This is great. I know you like to set up the training for the program as Military Press/Deadlift/Bench/Squat in that order through the week, but do you think that the stress on the biceps from either of these movements could cause the potential for some form of trauma to the bicep when doing deadlifts if the pull is performed the day after doing chins as a result of recovering muscles/tendons? I have always been curious of this. I look forward to your reply and thank you for taking the time to read my question.

It's not a big deal to switch the lower and upper body days - that doesn't matter. As long as the lifts get done, that is what matters.The key to training and life is to focus on the things that are truly important and let the other crap fall to the wayside.


I'm switching back to 531 three days per week. I noticed in the book that you lay out an example for 3 days per week and have a question about the deload week.

I presume you combined military and deadlift on Monday to line up the start of the next round on the following Monday. You have Deadlift listed again on Friday, though. I figured it's probably a typo and was meant to be Squat, but wanted to make sure I didn't miss something in the book somewhere.

Thanks for everything, Jim!


You are correct - just take a week of deload and combine one lower body lift and one upper body lift.

5/3/1 says drink a gallon of milk after doing BORING BUT BIG, I think I read some where try to work up to a gallon a day. My question is why a gallon of milk? Just started reading 5/3/1 Football for my Athletes. So far great read.

Very easy and great way to get an increase in calories and protein. Highly recommended if you are skinny and want to put on some weight.