“Excuse me, I understand that you like taking naps. But I don’t.” –Henry, age 3

Thanksgiving is the time of the year to give thanks for the things that mean the most to us—our family, friends, health, freedom, work, training—as well as all the small things that we all take for granted. While I am grateful for all of these things and many others, this year I am the most thankful for my kids (as well as all the other kids that I am around). What I am specifically thankful for, however, are the lessons that they have taught me, and the lessons that children can teach all of us.

But those lessons are meaningless unless they’re put into action. So in the interest of gratitude, my plan is to express my thanks through actions. Here are a few I’m going to act on:

Be passionate about fun. Kids have no other agenda in life but to have fun. When they go to a birthday party, a dance class, or t-ball practice, they don’t worry about what to wear or what the food will be. They play with other kids, run around, laugh, and have fun. Kids are passionate about having fun.

Several weeks ago I attended a powerlifting meet, and there was one lifter who particularly stood out. He happens to be one of the top lifters in the sport, but that was not what made him memorable. Rather, it was watching the genuine enjoyment he exuded; he was sincerely having fun. I never saw him without a smile. How many meets have you gone to where everyone looked completely pissed off? This year I will remember to smile more and to appreciate the joy around me.




Let it go. Children are the happiest people on the planet (most of the time). Even when things don’t go their way, whether it’s a toy they can’t have or having to eat a certain food that they don’t like, they don’t stress endlessly over it. They may have tantrums, but they quickly move on.

Have you ever seen someone miss a lift or bomb out of a meet then look miserable and sulk for what seems like forever? When we’re grown, we sometimes obsess over life’s little disappointments, which can turn into blame, anger, bitterness and even jealousy. When something doesn’t go as planned, I will remember how kids act: let it go and move on.

 This year I will remember to smile more and to appreciate the joy around me.

Just pick one. The same can be said about decisions and making choices more difficult than they need to be. Kids love the things they love, and they dislike what they dislike. Anything in between—they just don’t care. They color even if the paper just ends up with marks everywhere. They sing and dance even if they are not really in step. Think about how much energy we spend on the things that don’t really matter. How much time should we spend thinking about things that have no bearing on our lives, or going through the motions for things we’re not passionate about in the first place? When it comes to spending mental and physical energy, I’m going to stop making things so complicated and choose things that bring joy.

Spit it out. Lastly, I am also thankful for what kids have taught me about relationships. More often than not I find myself bottling up emotions because I’m concerned with what others will think. Kids don’t act that way. They express their emotions. They tell us what they want. They tell us what they like. Children let us know when their feelings are hurt, if they are mad, upset, sad or confused. Sometimes we need to do a better job communicating with those we love.

So, a big thank you to my children, and the ways they teach me how to be a better and happier person. And many thanks to all of you who are in my life. Clearly I don’t get enough opportunity to say “thank you,” even though I am thankful each and every day. Today, I want to personally express my deepest appreciation for putting your confidence in elitefts.com and supporting our continued efforts as we work to remain the industry’s top information and equipment destination for strength athletes or anyone who makes training a high priority in life.

When I was a kid, the gym was the one place I could go to be in charge and decide whether I succeeded. It was my place to build and grow—mentally and physically. It also meant standing out from the crowd and being great. When it comes to our business, it is this same passion for strength that fuels us in everything we do. It’s in our DNA. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

May the joy of the holiday extend to you and your family now and throughout the coming year.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Live, Learn, Pass On

Dave Tate

Founder Elitefts.com Inc