How to Make Better Gains with Chains

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EZ Squat - Bench Loaders

Different lifters. Different heights. Different weak points.

The EZ Squat - Bench Loader simplifies your set-up. With one over-sized ring to be placed on the bar sleeve and four rings placed at various points along the reinforced webbing, you have FIVE places to add chains.

What this means is that it is easy to engage added load to your squats at a specific point in your range of motion. The rings are set so that chains can be added at about twelve inches, eighteen inches, twenty-two inches and twenty-eight inches below the bar. You can also attach a chain by either the center or the end, depending on the exercise, when you wish the load to engage and amount of chain resistance needed to create the desired overload effect.

Even better...

You can experiment with placing sets of chains on more than one ring, causing added load to engage at various points in the range of motion, creating a stairstep-type of effect.

These can be used as extenders for chest-supported rowing exercises or for pulldowns. While these are designed for bench press, they can also be used for squats, barbell rows, shrugs, presses or just about any exercise you can think of!

Requires carabiners to quickly add and remove sets of chains.

EZ Deadlift Loader


You are training with your crew and your max deadlifts vary by 225 pounds. Changing the chain set-ups from lifter to lifter becomes a tangled mess.

Or, you are destroying your posterior chain (and testing your vomit threshold) by doing drop-setted deadlifts with chains.

The EZ Deadlift Loader simplifies the process, allowing for fast adjustments at varying heights. This makes it possible to have two sets of chains engage at the start of the rep with a second pair (or more) kicking in just below the knees.

This allows for a truly customizable accommodating resistance DL training session!



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