elitefts™ Sunday edition

Keep Your Standards High, Not Your Mind

I was asked if I would like to add another dimension to my contributions at elitefts™ a few days ago. After pondering whether I had enough to say, I was struck by the "awesomeness" and the responsibility of doing so. After a few e-mail volleys to Dave, and bouncing the idea of what I'd like this to become, he pretty much gave me free reign to attack any and all matters, and topics.

There is a growing consensus that since I was around during the time the earth was created, and that I've seen quite a few things and can speak from the experiences of them, rather than the theories. I've often said, "A man with experience is never at the mercy of anyone with a theory."  While I certainly don't claim to be an expert in all areas, I'll give honest and genuine feedback to a host of issues. I want you to know, that I'll speak from the pain and scars of the things I've done wrong, as well as the success and accolades of doing more things correct.

What to Expect

This brings me to the choice of title for this column. I've said it, and you have too..."If I Knew Then What I Know Now." This statement is summed up with one word, WISDOM. Wisdom is used often even in the book of Proverbs.  Whether you're a believer or not, is of no interest to me (for now), but the ability to live a life through experience is what we all must do in the end. We will live it through our own experience, which I can tell you costs a lot in the way of dollars, scars and pain, or through another person's experience. Question! What is the easiest way to cross a minefield? Answer! Follow in the footsteps of the person who made it. I'm writing this column to address where I have wisdom. The topics not only include strength, conditioning, and nutrition, but also where I have experience in relationships, economics, business, conversations, child rearing, dog training and even some of the taboo topics, such as death and making sure things are in order.

I'm going to cover a lot of things along those lines, but I'm not claiming to have all the answers. What I'd like from you, the reader, is to remain anonymous and submit to me your concerns, areas of interest, issues or problems where I may lend a general plan. Here's the kicker: I'm not going to take the politically correct road, so as NOT to offend. I'm going to give you the straight up truth that I know and experienced. If I don't know, well, I'll be just as candid about that as well. Remember the saying, "Be careful what you ask for?" I believe that.


We are now in the holiday season at the time of this writing. I was thinking back to the things that made it great, and the disasters that turned it dark. I thought about the parties and festivities, the ease of the “hook up” and the depression of being alone.

I was most concerned about the stupidity of combining libations and driving, and some of the people that were hurt from playing with their emotions. Not to mention the cat’s nine lives that I used up by shear luck, not killing myself, or thank God, someone else.

Beat the Clock

I’ve been quoted time and time again saying, "Nothing good ever comes out of being out past midnight." This is what I shared with the young hockey players that would come into the Arizona Sundog's training facility, and find themselves in a little "hot water" outside the rink. Most of the guys were just too young to handle the part of being larger than life, bona fide stars, in a small town. After a victory or loss, there was that need to go into town and celebrate...or drown their sorrow. It was also an opportunity to take care of those biological needs, if you know what I mean. Booze'n and Cruise'n just seemed to go together. We would call a few cocktails, "liquid aphrodisiac." The problem was, we would head out at 10PM. That would give us two hours to get the hunt'n done. So, there was simply not enough time for a proper hunt and kill. The time was extended to whatever "closing time" was in that town, county, or state. Here's what happens when you add the element of "Beat the Clock..."

  1. You have increased the quality of what is available by the decrease in visual standards (beer goggles).
  2. You have increased the monetary expenditure getting that way (drank away another paycheck).
  3. You have increased your vulnerability to getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI and police are told to “target” such activities past midnight.
  4. You’ve increased your chances in regards to killing an innocent participant.
  5. You will NOT be getting the 7-8 hours of sleep that's necessary to recover and improve your training.
  6. Because you aren't thinking with your cerebral head, chances are you aren't taking proper precautions to engage (if you get that far) in the carnal activity that was intended. What I'm saying is that in my day, there was stuff that penicillin would clear up. NOW there’s stuff out there that will KILL YOU!


If you set your clock like Cinderella or Cinderfella (Girls this is for you too. After all, if your ear is itching, when you scratch it with your finger, which feels better…your finger or your ear?) and end the night at midnight, you will better your chances for a comeback and your next day won’t be one, recovering from a hangover, but from your big ass squat or bench session instead.

Keep your standards high, not your mind.

When you have the need to over do it, go ahead! But, institute the holiday sleepover party. Power pound until you can’t speak, and make sure no one leaves your house. Start that bash at 7PM, and start your escapade at 4PM in the afternoon. Nice, maybe my next article will be titled…”Kegs, Shooters, Pillows and Blankets.”