Joe Hashey may be the closest thing to a self-made man in this industry you will find. Hashey took time away from his family and his full-time job to start training athletes out of his garage almost a decade ago. It turned into a platform for Hashey to become a model for coaches and trainers who want to make a significant difference in the lives of athletes and clients.

I met Joe Hashey several years ago when he came by Denison University to visit. That informal visit became a tremendous learning opportunity for all of my strength and conditioning interns. Hashey has been a sponge in terms of gaining applicable knowledge to benefit his clientele. He may be the most valuable for trainers trying to start their own business in terms of a resource.

I invited Joe to speak at the central Ohio Strength and Conditioning Clinic in 2010. His innovative methods of gaining client loyalty while putting himself in a position to support his family doing what he loves is a positive example for trainers in the industry.

This interview was a thorough mixture of training and business information that can be applicable for coaches and trainers in any situation.

Topics Covered in this Podcast

How Joe Got Started

  1. Four Knee Surgeries....and a lot of questions
  2. The Start of Synergy Athletics
  3. Transitioning to Adult Population
  4. Psychology of Completion

What You Need to Know to Start the Training Process 

  1. What Athletes Want and What Parents Think They Need
  2. The Responsibility of College Preparation
  3. Using Communication with Coaches as a Learning Experience

A General Look at the Training Philosophy

  1. Concurrent Periodization with High School and College Athletes
  2. Repetition Method to Prepare for Max Effort and Dynamic Effort
  3. Training Athletes vs Training Lifters
  4. Athletes Need to Know, Like, and Trust You
  5. Understanding Bar Speed

Relationship Building

  1. Three Phases: Individual, Family, Community
  2. Referrals vs Giving Back

What Athletes Really Need 

  1. Sleep Cycle
  2. Travel Teams
  3. Nutrition
  4. Not A Work-Ethic Issue
  5. Appropriate Recovery

Teaching Skills Related to the Business World 

  1. Understanding Learning Styles
  2. Match the Mental to the Physical Goals
  3. Uncomfortable Equals Opportunity for Growth

How Professional Development Has Evolved 

  1. Mature as a Business Person
  2. Trainers Approach to Business vs Business Owners Approach to Business
  3. The Point of Diminishing Returns
  4. Social Media Impact
  5. Find People to Network

Training Football Players

  1. Linear Periodization for Conditioning
  2. Per Session: One Good Lift, Address Weaknesses
  3. Training In-Season during Off-Season
  4. Make Athletes Better at Sports, Not Workouts

The Best Advice for Trainers and Gym Owners 

  1. You Must Be A Life-Long Learner
  2. There Are People That Have Done What You Want to Do

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