LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast #24 with Clint Darden

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COACH columnist

Clint Darden is the first American to earn his Pro Card in strongman by winning a Platinum Plus Strongman Show in 2003. He moved to the island of Cyprus in 2004. He has competed in the U.S. and throughout Europe representing both U.S. and Cyprus over the last two decades at the international level. A full-time dad, he manages to be both a trophy husband and the director of Autism Assessment Support Practice, all while maintaining his famous YouTube channel, The House of Biceps. Whether he's being a full-time housewife with a decade working as an online coach, a semi-amateur home gym dancer, a Masters World's Strongest Man competitor, a world-class Masters weightlifter, a black belt, or a powerlifter in his home gym, one thing will always be certain: He is wearing at least two-ply of support gear at all times!

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