Happy Valentine's Day! Episode No. 46 Dave is answering all of your questions, so grab your chocolate and hop in the live stream and ask away! He will be answering the questions that were brought to him on Instagram and any of the ones you can think of while listening!

1:54 Did you ever go through periods where you actually dread training because you knew you were just a shadow of what you were in your prime? Where the fear of failure and disappointment at your current state is so overwhelming you almost choke back tears because you know you won’t ever be what you were?

16:59 What was your favorite exercise for strengthening/stabilizing your knees?

28:30 What is the biggest mistake you see being made in programming? Conjugate or other?

33:03 Best accessory exercises for the squat?

39:16 What sort of program would you recommend for a 50 year old for 3x a week only sessions. Already an intermediate, 365 squat, 450 deadlift, 280 bench press. I have been on 5/3/1 for over 3 years.

42:16 Using conjugate as a raw lifter and about 8 weeks out of a meet. When you mention “peaking/taper” for a meet the last heavy deadlift 21 days out, 14 for squat, and 7 for bench press are these max effort movements with a reduction of volume on DE days?

45:01 Divebomb or control descent for squat? How to train for each?

49:21 When doing JM’s 6x6 how important is working up to a single before doing the 6x6 to having success with the program? JM usually only mentions it briefly.

55:09 When coming out of the hole should I think hips up or chest up first? Which do I lead with? For squat and box squat.

58:49 Dave, I have been trying for years to balance strength training and basic requirements for military/current first responder career paths. Is there a sweet spot between strength and fitness?

1:00:02 Training while sick? Take the days off or push through?

1:05:30 Speed bench on Saturday or Sunday on the classical conjugate template?

1:06:39 My goal is to keep being able to walk, life, and move well as I age. Is Olympic lifting, powerlifting, or bodybuilding good for that goal? How would you choose or help someone make that choice?

1:11:43 I’m in my mid 20’s with 2 serious years of training hoping to do a meet this year. I have borderline low T. Should I wait to use testosterone to make my levels more normal or just jump on now to be normal?

1:12:23 Is it a good idea to do max effort and dynamic work for the same movement on the same day?

Spoiler: "No."

1:12:33 Would you recommend anything other than sleep and nutrition for recovering after a heavy max effort day?

1:15:50 How to be better at loading the hamstrings at the bottom of a deadlift?

1:16:56 How to overcome forearm pain when just starting out shirt benching?

1:22:15 Struggle with conventional deadlifts right off the floor, what might be the weaknesses here?

1:23:12 What are your thoughts on the smith machine and people that critique the use of it?

1:25:48 Do you think the overhead press has a use to build general shoulder strength in order to increase your bench? Currently chasing a 400lb bench and have a 185lb overhead press.

1:27:40 How to imitate a belt squat without a belt squat machine?

1:29:03 How would you structure extra workouts while using the conjugate method?

1:32:17 Best way to improve grip for deadlift when you have short chubby fingers?

1:34:25 What are the cues you use to get a lifter to activate their quads in a sumo deadlift?

1:38:32 Assuming I already own a power bar, a deadlift bar, and a safety squat bar, what are the top picks for specialty bars and the benefits of each of them?

1:39:59 Are there any questions you haven’t been asked that you’re dying to answer?

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