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Brian Carroll is a world-class powerlifter who holds, or has held, multiple all-time world, national, and state records in the 220-, 242-, and 275-pound weight classes. He totaled 2730 pounds in the 275-pound weight class in the multi-ply category and has squatted over 1000 pounds in competition over 50 times, more than anyone else in powerlifting history. He’s benched 800 pounds in the 242-, 275-, and 308-pound weight classes. He is the author of the book 10/20/Life, co-author of the Gift of Injury with the world-renowned spine doctor Stuart McGill, and the owner of for his coaching and consulting services.


0:00 Introduction of history and accomplishments

10:05 Arnold cancellation and the Coronavirus

17:40 Powerlifting meets

27:39 Raw lifters getting into geared lifting

37:35 What have you kept and got rid of from your back rehab routine?

43:49 Pain killers

47:12 Family, TRT, regrets, and priorities

1:01:37 The spinal health habits you won't get away from

1:10:27 Having your ideas ripped off

1:20:50 Greatest of all time

1:28:36 Haters

1:39:08 Risk and rewards

Live Stream questions:

1:44:17 Dr. McGill has recommended against the box squat, what are your thoughts?

1:46:45 How do leverages change with weight gain?

1:50:17 Tips for a raw lifter trying to get into multi-ply lifting?

2:03:41 I’m starting powerlifting at 30 and currently have a 1300 pound total I’m 6’1’ in the 242lb weight class can I get to world-class total before my body falls apart?

2:08:35 How did you get into powerlifting and how did it change your life for the better or the worst?

2:13:07 Does a wider stance equal a stronger squat in multi-ply?

2:16:32 What are the best ab exercises to build a strong core for powerlifting?

2:32:13 Thoughts on using the reverse hyper outside of rehab?

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