Talk about the old elite videos taken at TPS.

This request is met with some laughs and groans from Dave Tate, Matt Rhodes, and Jim Wendler.

Josh Goedker, elitefts' digital media editor, pulls up the aforementioned video, and then, the magic happens.

Dave, Matt, and Jim comment on the circumstances of the video (and Vincent Dizenzo’s then-beauty and wondering what the hell happened to the guy): When was this filmed? What were we doing? Oh, yeah, bench, because Vincent was there. Wasn’t this in Murph’s basement? This was the night before the seminar. (And so on and so forth.)

They reminisce on the days when the wrist wraps they used weren’t wrist wraps — they were knee wraps cut in half. On top of that, they were training in a basement without heating in the middle of winter. And on Dave’s terrible choice in fashion and that Matt probably had an earring.

The video goes on to show Dave coaching Matt, though it doesn’t look like he’s coaching the lift.

I think I’m trying to teach you how to shake.

Jim points out that Dave looked like he had a seizure whenever he took the bar off for squats.

Laughter echoes around the table as they continue to roast one another, even after they finished watching the videos:

Recovery day? That’s not recovery day! No, this is Jim going through fucking McDonald’s.

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