Strong(er) Balls

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Introducing Strong(er) Balls


Throwing Copy

This is where we will write the same copy as everyone else. The Pummel Ballis built with great quality with unique technology that makes them stand out from the rest. They carry a brand name that has been built on trust, quality and service and are being offered within the lowest price point in the market. Now since that's done…

Slamming Copy

We come from a Powerlifting background and are VERY serious about strength. Take a look around the site. We have thousands of articles about strength, we answer close to 2000 questions a month about strength, we sponsor the strongest lifters in the world, we connect you with the best coaches in the world and have the strongest Podcast ever to be seen online. It's safe to say we KNOW strength and conditioning. We have become one of the leaders in the industry on this fact alone.

What does this have to do with the Pummel Ball?


We know what having strong balls is all about…

It's about being able to take hits and keep moving forward

It's about keeping shape, while others fold

It's about getting smashed and coming back for more

It's about launching when others fail

It's not about the beating but who's left when it's over

It's not about the size or color of the balls but what they do that matters

If you look deep inside we all have balls - but some can be Pummeled harder than others

What kind of balls do you want?

Strong(er) Medicine Balls

There are hundreds of videos and web pages you can find online that will show you how to toss a medicine ball in the air, stand on one foot and hand it to a partner and even throw it against a wall. There are several seminars you can attend to learn the art of mastering how to toss a medicine ball and we even found two certifications.

Needless to say, it's easy to find basic medicine training information online or pay $$$ to get certified. If you want to learn a few ways to use The Pummel Ball in the weight room RIGHT NOW here are a few things for you to try.

Med Ball work with the Glute Ham Raise (GHR)

Eccentric Only GHR: Perform the GHR the same way you normally would, except hold the Pummel Ball on the way down, drop to the floor and have someone hand it to you when you come back to the top, repeat.

Explosive GHR: While doing the GHR, toss the Pummel Ball in the air as you come up, catch it at the top and lower for the next rep.

Contrast GHR: Leave the Pummel Ball on the ground right under the GHR. Perform one rep and pick the ball up for the second, leave on the floor for the third and so on. Every other rep will use the weight of the Pummel Ball.

Maximizing the GHR: This is one of the greatest things you can use the Pummel ball for. First, you need to understand how to do a GHR. You want to make sure you keep your back slightly rounded so you can keep the tension on the glutes and hamstrings. If your back arching movement becomes a back raise, while effective, it's not even in the same ball park as the GHR for strength development. If you hug the Pummel ball into your chest, it will help keep a good body position to maximize the glutes and hamstrings. To take this one more step, when you hug the ball, try to compress it as hard as you can. This will contract and lock in your upper back, traps and erectors. If  these muscles are "locked in" they will essentially be taken out of the movement making the GHR even more effective.

More ways to get strong(er)

Real Ab Work: Some other example of using the ball to lock in movements, would be hanging leg raises with the ball between your knees. With this movement, you want to crush the ball as hard as you can. This same concept and be used to enhance almost every abdominal movement. While it looks cool to sit on the floor and do sit-ups with a partner tossing the ball back and forth - if you really want to get stronger abs, stick the ball between your knees and crush it as you do sit-ups. Better yet, stand up and use a cable machine or band and do the same thing.

Bigger Bench: One more example of how to use the Pummel Ball to get stronger is back support rebound throws. To do this, lay on the floor and toss the ball up in the air. When you catch the ball, try to rebound it back in the air as fast and as high as you can. By doing this with your back supported, you keep the work in the pressing muscles thus leading to a more explosive - bigger bench.

Better Squats: There's one last bonus movement with the Pummel Ball that will help your squat. Walk toward and face a wall with the ball on your abdomen between you and the wall. In this position, squat down while keeping the ball against your body (it will ride up to your chest). Perform 8-10 reps of squats in this manner. This will teach you perfect squat form, as you will have to keep your chest up, back arched and knees out.

These are just a few examples of how to get Pummeled in the weight room.

Pummel Ball Specs

  • 45 inch circumference
  • Soft outer shell
  • Ball weights from 4 to 20 pounds
  • Black and white shell

Pummel Ball Warranty

One year with normal use. This means if you were training in the Maya ruins, it will cover tossing the balls back and forth with a partner, doing the rocky twist, tossing down onto the grass, throwing up in the air landing on grass, and tossing against a smooth surface that has been weathered to the point of being as smooth as a babies bottom. This doesn't include seeing how fast it will roll down the steps, smashing lizards, tossing against a wall you would use to scratch your back on, blasting it against a tree or trying to use it as a flotation device at any nearby beach.

Tell you what, lets make this even more simple. If you have a problem, tell us what happened and more than likely we will make it right. We just want to know the truth, so we can continue to make this the best ball on the market. We're also not going to make you jump though hoops if you do have a problem. Our competitors want you to pay to ship it back to them so they can inspect it and if they do replace it, you have to pay again to have the new one sent back. Even if they won't replace it, they still make you pay before sending it back. Send us a picture. If it's a bad ball we will pay to have it shipped back and pay to send you a new one. We feel this is far better than a 2-3 year warranty that is basally just stamped on a web site and means nothing.

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