Welcome to Episode 2 of Men of Strength Sports Performance Podcast. Our guests in this week’s episode are University of Incarnate Word’s director of football strength and conditioning Bret Huth and Texas Tech’s director of speed and power, Scott Salwasser. The unique thing about these two (besides Coach Sal being from Cali) is that both of them have been good friends since their time at Cal Berkley years ago.

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I met Coach Bret one random day during my time as a graduate assistant at The University of Akron when he stopped by our office to talk shop. Through Coach Bret I became acquainted with Coach Sal, and we have a group chat that will one day be a New York Times Best Seller when we turn it into a book. This episode covers a variety of in-depth training and coaching topics, along with the current state of Cleveland sports and the return of LeBron James to Cleveland in 2022.

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  • 0:52: Introduction and journey into strength and conditioning
  • 5:50: Best memories from time at Cal
  • 8:24: Things overthought as a young coach
  • 12:12: Not pigeonholing yourself as a coach
  • 16:26: Dissecting the injury report
  • 18:26: Physical preparation
  • 23:35: Sports specificity and transfer to sport
  • 30:57: Junk volume
  • 34:07: Setting a culture while being rooted in science
  • 38:53: The best group text in America
  • 39:20: Lessons learned from being at “smaller schools”
  • 44:17: Appreciations and shout outs
  • 45:28: Cleveland, LeBron, and Golden State Warriors

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