It's with a heavy and enlarged heart that I say goodbye to Rhodestown. I currently weigh 273 pounds. I'm down 52 pounds from August. I'll always miss being a large 325. It was a great experience. I leave you with some fond memories...

- My favorite post workout meal was Ring Dings. Years back, I actually used to keep them in my gym bag.
- Needing an extender belt on an airplane. I don't know whether I was more proud, or my wife was more embarrassed when I yelled down the aisle for one from the flight attendant.
- Never having to be on top.
- Ordering multiple entrees at a time.
- Sweating in the shower.
- Walking through car washes to get my back clean.
- Needing my wife to do every single thing for me. These included: cutting my toe nails, shaving my head, carrying my luggage through airports, tying my shoes, and many more.
- Hearing people ask "Are you ok?"
- Black ankles, now they're just purple.
- People hiding their small children when I walk by.
- Shopping at Big and Fat stores.
- Having every meal be a cheat meal.
- Snoring with my c-pap mask on.
- Going though an entire roll of toilet paper in one sitting.
- Getting wedged into booths at restaurants and diners.
- People feeding me peanuts.
- Being asked to leave buffets.