ONE Movement

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After so many questions – such as those on the false grip – I realized that there are probably many more training questions out there about why I do certain things, or how I do them.

During my training, I’ll film ONE movement and explain why I use it…

Fat Zig Zag Bar Extensions with Chains

Fat Bar with Chains

Swiss Bar Row with Chains

More ONE Movement:

ONE Movement – Cross Body Dumbbell Extensions, Fat Bar Reverse Grip Seated Overhead Press, Close Grip Incline

ONE Movement – Glute Ham Raise, Swiss Bar Chain Press, Wide DD Pull Down, JM Press on Smith Machine

ONE Movement – Strip the Rack Seated Press, Modified Extensions, EFS Swiss Bar, Palm Out DB Curls, Pull-Through

Let me know what you think or submit a suggestion for a movement by clicking here.
If you have any questions about any of the exercises posted, please reference ONE movement.Products of interest: Fat BarFat Bar EZ Curl Bar (7 feet)

EFS Multi-Grip Swiss Bar


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