“The acquisition of strength” may alternately be called “the overcoming of weakness.”

What is weakness? Weakness is human nature. Human nature is weakness.

Man, as he is in his simple, animalistic state as a virtual slave to his desires, as a slave to the enchantments of the bullshit around him, and as a slave to the piece of meat called “body” in which he is trapped, is a dog on a short chain who thinks he is free and thinks he is strong until he attempts to go beyond the boundaries of that chain and is rudely jerked back to his limited little circle. How is this weakness called “human nature” overcome?

Well, to jump far ahead, I will say this. There is a part of the human being that he is unconscious of and that his brain can’t contain. This part is called the trans-cerebral because it transcends all possible human thought and conception.

It comes into the human organism (when the organism is properly prepared) like a lightning flash, making that man, in that instant, more than human. This, my friends, is strength!

There is a definite art and science both for the preparation of the vessel and for the influx of lightning into the prepared vessel. This art—“ars regia” or “royal art”—was known and used by the great conquerors in the past—Alexander the Great, Constantine the Great of the Roman Empire, Genghis Khan, and the original Nine Knights of Templar.

Currently, it is unknown and unpracticed due to the soft and emasculated state of our present society. For in the noxious air of the present all permeating weakness, the conqueror can’t breathe!

Stay tuned fellow freaks!

Coming soon—“Strength, Part III: Got Balls?” We ‘bout to get crazy!

Postscript: Strength does not lie in a four-ply denim shirt and a syringe. So don’t fuckin’ pretend because when your misguided ass has to walk through the fire, you’re gonna’ get smoked! Amen.