Welcome to the long-awaited follow-up to Matt Wenning's popular "SYTYCS" series. This time, Matt targets the pull in the same expert fashion that he did with the squat. We brought in loyal elitefts™ customer and amateur strongman competitor Ryan Minney as our training subject and his form is broken down, analyzed and a thorough plan to improve his deadlift is laid-out.

In combating Ryan's weaknesses when pulling conventional (Part one), Matt has covered why it's important to work in sumo wide-stance deadlifts (Part two). In part three of Wenning's, So You Think You Can Deadlift series, Matt covers one accessory movement that will allow Ryan to pinpoint three areas of improvement:

1) Back arch maintenance

2) Lower tailbone muscle tightness and strength

3) Hamstring flexibility

Matt has Ryan complete goodmornings in proper technique and gives him a solid plan of how to incorporate these within his training.