WATCH: Hartman Explains Dairy, Vegetables, and Eggs for Physique Competitors

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Despite the nutritional benefits and preparatory ease of dairy products, many physique athletes avoid milk and cheeses for fear of bloating and water retention. While some of these issues may be rooted in lactose intolerance, do not make the mistake of assuming that you have intolerances simply because you experience light discomfort on a small number of occasions. If you do, after extended observation, learn that you have lactose intolerances, there are two dairy products widely preferred for avoiding digestive issues: kefir and yogurt.

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In this video, former elitefts columnist and prep coach Ben Hartman discusses how he likes to use these products during off-season and contest prep. Hartman also goes into detail about the place of vegetables in a bodybuilder's diet and how to use eggs for optimal performance.



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