I know everyone is looking for that magical supplement, and friends, I have it for you. I travel a lot for work and for competitions. Being on the road ten days or more a month leads to a different set of problems for all aspects of training and life. However, while I’m on the road, I travel with a normal mix of supplements like protein, BCAAs, fish oils, pre-workout stuff, and others. However, without a doubt, the most important thing is fiber. If you aren't taking a fiber supplement every day, you must hate yourself and happiness.

Other than my training, the most important moment of my day is within the first hour of waking when it's time to go and take the Browns to the Super Bowl. Nothing is more motivating for a great day, great life, or great training session than dropping a turbo fiber deuce. That feeling of being cleaned out and ready to refill with all the “right” food items is a great way to start the day. By “right” food items, I mean mostly a diet of burritos and other meats wrapped in tortillas, but that’s just me.

Ask any real lifter and he will agree on the importance of max effort work in the can. If you're already taking fiber, good for you. Keep being awesome. If not, you're missing out on a life changing experience. I don’t care if you only eat salad. Well, that isn't true. I do care and you should stop. No one got awesome eating just salad. Well, maybe taco salads, but that’s as close as it gets. But I digress...

Anyway, fiber supplements are easy to pick up and much cheaper than anything else you're taking. For about $10 a month, you too can feel—and be—amazing. If you're taking a fiber supplement that is anything but powder that goes into your drink, you’re doing it wrong.

Taking fiber is also incredibly easy. Take it right before bed, and when you wake up, the work is done. It's like magic! I personally mix it together with my bedtime shake. My shaker cup is filled with one scoop of Somatomax (sleep GH release), two big scoops or a decent pour of orange flavored coarse Metamucil, 90 grams of chocolate protein, and one scoop of BioTest l-leucine (makes everything more anabolic). It’s pure function and tastes horrible, but I just power through it thinking of championship quality dumps and call it a night, mentally preparing myself for colon cleansing awesomeness in the morning. So, in closing, fiber is the number one for my number twos. Give it a shot and be unstoppable in everything. Or don’t and continue being average.