Bad fats make you fatter for longer!

There are many misconceptions about body fat. Body fat is made up of billions of fat cells. We’re born with some and others are created by poor food choices such as using corn oil or pan spraying agents for frying or cooking and consuming trans fats within a countless number of packaged goods. Don’t be fooled by “low fat” labels. Trans fats were designed to extend shelf life and lower the fat intake on food labels, leading consumers to believe that these items are “diet friendly” choices. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, these fake fats are very hard to get rid of. The doughnuts you consumed years ago or last week have left a trail of trouble that you must clean up in order to restore proper fat cell function. Otherwise, your progress will be painfully slow.

Based on years of Dr. Serrano’s patient research, restoring proper fat cell function requires a “cleansing” that can take place when you provide an abundant supply of the right raw materials—in this case, good dietary fats. We have used the Alpha Omega aggressively to accelerate the fat cell cleansing process with great success. Give the fat cells an abundance of ideal raw materials from the Alpha Omega and they will gladly purge the garbage retarding proper fat cell function. This results in a collective shrinking of fat cell size, which lowers body fat levels while building a strong barrier against future body fat accumulation. A high intake of Alpha Omega is especially handy during the holiday season to interfere with several fat storage mechanisms when your eating is less than perfect! Remember that essential fats, such as untainted Omega 3, are a key raw material building block for natural testosterone production.

Focus your carb intake following training

Weight training is a metabolic game changer making post-workout carb intake a smart move to promote anabolism. We don’t burn as much glycogen during training as what was previously thought, making the amounts of post-workout carb intake less than what many have been led to believe. Try combining a couple tablespoons of raw honey with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis post-training to replenish glycogen and optimize insulin levels. Amino loading bypasses digestive hang ups, rapidly delivering amino acid building blocks to hungry muscles through the nutrient super highway—your blood flow! Protein shakes provide too little too late due to the time it takes to break them down and the deterioration of raw materials during the digestion process. Furthermore, food intake immediately post-workout diverts blood away from working muscles and into the stomach to assist with digestion. This diversion of blood reduces the size of you raw material super highway, limiting the utilization of raw materials and the speed of delivery.

A huge surge in insulin from a large intake of post-workout sugar or refined food sources isn’t necessarily desirable, especially if you want to minimize body fat. Thirty minutes after your amino loading, eat your largest food meal of the day containing lean protein sources and 35–150 grams of carbohydrate, depending on your situation and goals. Good sources to consider are rice, potatoes, and oatmeal. For this one meal, you should minimize dietary fat intake because it naturally slows digestion.

No aerobic exercise

Picture a male aerobics instructor. Does he appear to have high testosterone levels? I don’t think so! Aerobic exercise can dramatically lower anabolic hormone levels, especially when done in excess. Does a walk in the park pose a big problem? No, but a couple runs to nowhere on the treadmill can do more harm than good for your strength levels and body composition. Instead, consider interval sprints, which can improve the hormonal profile and metabolism dramatically. In our experience, a well-designed interval sprint routine works very well for lowering body fat, preventing muscle loss, and improving athletic performance. A couple 20- to30-minute interval sessions per week can make a huge difference. Avoid treadmills because they can cause a fall due to changing belt speeds. Bikes with tension are a great option because the loading parameters can be easily manipulated as you become more advanced. A short session pulling the sled or pushing the Prowler is by far more beneficial than steady state cardio. In addition to improving body composition and conditioning, a trainee can address functional strength building at the same time.

45-minute workouts for massive muscle growth and rapid fat loss

One of the quickest ways to pack on 10 lbs of muscle and lose 10 lbs of body fat at the same time is to properly manage the length of the training session to capitalize on anabolic hormone levels. Is more work better? Not always! Intense weight training places tremendous demands on the body, and after a critical time threshold, catabolic hormones will surge, making any additional training counterproductive for that session. A big increase in cortisol levels associated with training sessions that were too long can have a negative impact for several days on energy levels, body composition, rates of recovery, and testosterone levels.

Based on thousands of hormonal blood work tests, Dr. Serrano has determined that 45 minutes of intense weight training, not including the warm up, is the productive training limit for a majority of adult men. Age, program design, nutrition, sleep patterns, stress levels, and more can reduce the productive training time period. Amino loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis 30 minutes before, during, and immediately after training can extend your viable training time limits while accelerating recovery. Hormonal blood work reviews of numerous hard training patients quickly revealed the success of Amino Loading for keeping catabolic hormone levels in check. Extended patient trials helped to perfect the proprietary ingredient ratios and delivery systems proven to dramatically impact body composition, recovery, and performance.

Feeling completely wiped out by the end of a training session or the next morning signals that recovery capacity was too low compared to the demands of training. This can indicate a big drop in anabolism, which can last several days, making the entire training session counterproductive in some ways.

Olive oil—a muscle building and fat burning weapon

Extra virgin olive oil from a dark bottle or can is a powerful weapon for gaining muscle and losing body fat. The quality of the oil is of tremendous importance, which is why the packaging is crucial to avoid damage from too much light. Quite simply, olive oil, even in high amounts, doesn’t convert easily to stored fat and delivers an anabolic punch. For those aiming to gain lean body mass, consider 5–8 tablespoons per day, depending on your body weight and activity level. Those focusing on fat loss should consume 2–4 tablespoons. Avoid salad dressings that are merely olive oil based, as they typically have soy bean oil and other ingredients that won’t support your goals.

Dominate a competitive venue

No, I’m not talking about an intense board game where the only activity is rolling dice. I’m talking about something more physical such as flag football or pick-up basketball. Squaring off against your buddies isn’t only fun but can also increase anabolic hormone levels and mental drive. We’ve taken many clients who were limited only to the weight room and inserted them into a weekly competitive task with great success. Venues to consider are a sled or Prowler competition and a functional circuit race, which only takes two people. Having a partner or adversary is very important for pushing your limits and it fuels competitive drive.

Getting all of your vitamins?

Covering your vitamin basis is a smart move to ensure proper function. A minor vitamin deficiency can result in big problems for your testosterone levels. Ensuring that you have what is needed through a multivitamin can help to avoid future problems.

Sleep is underrated

As society has become very busy and highly stressed, the quality and quantity of sleep has gone down dramatically over the last 10 years. Anabolic hormone levels have plummeted along with this trend because the sleep phase is one of the primary recharging points for multiple functions. The majority of people need to sleep 7–8 high quality hours using a consistent sleep timing pattern to optimize hormonal output. Waking up many times per night reduces the quality of sleep and may indicate overtraining, heavy neurological stress, or some other underlying problem. Waking up in the morning and feeling well rested with consistent energy during the day are strong indications that you’re sleeping properly. A 30–40 minute nap once a day is also beneficial. Ideally, this can be placed around the 8-hour point from when you wake up. For example, your nap time would be 2:00 p.m. if you get up 6:00 a.m.

Dr. Serrano designed Fat Reduce PM specifically to help trainees transition into a restful status of sleep. The primary focus for achieving this goal is to help with relaxation primarily by lowering stress levels, which make it difficult to transition into a deep level of sleep. After 2–4 weeks of improved sleep quality, you will notice a dramatic improvement in body composition, strength, recovery, and daily energy.

Fat Reduce AM supports optimal rates of fat burning and mental focus without jitters. The Fat Reduce stack was designed to manipulate several factors governing fat loss including hormones. The ingredient ratio specifically addresses the increase of free testosterone levels, which are a crucial measurement of anabolism. Other fat burning formulas based solely on the use of high amounts of stimulants can increase catabolic hormone levels.

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