In this episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk, Dave Tate goes solo in this two-hour podcast to tackle your questions about powerlifting techniques LIVE. From supplemental work and max effort to techniques and problems, Dave dives in-depth to answer as many questions as possible in two hours. With decades of experience with both coaching and lifting, he shares his thoughts and techniques for training and more. One of the most information-packed podcasts yet, don't miss it.

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Todays Topics Include

00:00 Where is Sam?

02:12 The Rundown

02:50 Limited Edition Apparel Update

03:47 Fatherhood Meathead Tips

08:24 Benchpress and Bench Exercises Tips

17:38 Supplemental Work VS. Max Effort

24:18 Sumo Deadlift Tips

26:11 What Type of Lifting Causes More Injuries?

33:10 What's the Biggest Factor in Effectiveness?

40:21 Brian Carroll's Question

58:43 At What Point Should a Lifter Add a Size or Plateau?

01:06:00 How Long Should a Break from Lifting Be?

01:14:24 Non-Common Exercises for Bodybuilders

01:15:36 What Point in Dave's Career Caused the Most Damage?

01:31:59 The Best Louis Simmons Advice

01:39:40 Knee Pain. Will Stability in Feet and Hips Help?

01:45:29 Fixes for Squats at 80%

01:51:25 How to Determine Hamstring Weakness VS. Tightness

01:56:29 Training Only Two Days a Week

02:00:14 Are Muscle Pumps Important?

02:06:29 Goodbye.....Till the New Year

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