Sheena Leedham earned her bachelor's in health and physical education (with a concentration in recreation administration) and her master's in education (K-6) at Edinboro University. This led her to specialize in recreational/fitness programming for children and adults with autism in the public school setting, a partial hospitalization program, Barber National Institute, a private gym setting, and Turning Pointe Autism Foundation.

She facilitates and consults Ohio State University’s Nisonger Center programs: Men’s Aspirations, Autism College Experience (ACE), and Postsecondary Linking Advocacy & Navigation (PLAN) in conjunction with Dublin City Schools PATHS programs.

Sheena is also the Managing Editor at elitefts.

On today's episode of Table Talk, Dave, Sheena, and Sam discuss her new book, The Power of a Note, an outreach tool she created to share how to positively introduce exercise into a child's life with autism.

Today's Topics:

00:00 Introduction

01:20 Sheena Leedham Introduction—The Brains Behind the elitefts Operation

3:50 The Power of a Note: Introduction and Background Story

15:23 The Process of Creating the Book and the Impact Fitness Has on Life with Autism

26:38 How Sheena Started Working with Blaine (Origin Story)

37:23 The Power Of Observation and Assessment

42:30 Communication and Determining the Rules of Engagement (Self-Awareness)

58:35 Developing a Plan/Schedule/Program (And Learning How to Pivot)

1:11:00 Determining Progress (Physical, Social, Behavioral)

1:37:22 Understanding Motivation (Intrinsic and Extrinsic)

1:45:16 What is Next? The Next Book Coming Out. The Impact of Autism and Changing Lives

2:07:00 The Importance of Sharing This and Dave’s Heartfelt Gratitude

The Power of a Note is available on Amazon and Bookbaby.

Download Here!

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