When the primary criteria by which we evaluate the validity of a squat is its depth, it is understandable why lifters everywhere would pervert the idea of a perfect squat to mean the deepest squat. It is also understandable that, if you're willing to face public (and I use 'public' very loosely here, given the backwards social-interaction rules of social media — YouTube included), you're going to squat as deep as possible, lest you be dubbed "high squatter."

What isn't understandable is the way OLY and ATG squats (that's Olympic and Ass-to-Grass, for you non YouTube-fanatics) are classified. The depth of a squat is never measured by how low to the ground you descend, but instead by the relative height of your hip to your knee — the lower the hip is in relation to the knee, the deeper the squat. Anyone who says otherwise simply doesn't know what they're talking about.

But Clint Darden does know what he's talking about. Powerlifting, Strongman, Olympic lifting — he has experience in them all.