In today's highly competitive job market, specifically in the industries of athletics, fitness, and sports performance, experience will outweigh and any arbitrary adjectives you can apply to your resume. Evaluated experience from a qualified mentor may be the best investment in reaching your career goals.

Combined with an appropriate education relative to your goals, experience not only helps answers the questions, but more importantly, allows someone to ask the right questions. Determining the rest of your life by the time graduation rolls around is not only unlikely but inadvisable.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.47.16 PMEmployers are looking for candidates with the initiative to gain valuable life experiences who are willing to challenge themselves and add value to the mission of the company.

The title of intern in the strength and fitness has earned a negative connotation with the implied notion of wiping down benches, data entry, and other mundane tasks. What separates a valuable internship program from a free labor factory is what we at elitefts™ have take pride in.

  1. Does the internship fit my interests, strengths, and career aspirations?
  2. Will I be more marketable to employers by addressing the skills I need to improve?
  3. Is the company I am interning for, better off because of my impact?

Regardless, of the internship you take, make sure you are measuring your experience by the impact you make on the company, the impact of being a part of the company, and not by the hours you log.


Elitefts™ is currently looking for internship candidates for the following positions:

  • Sports and Fitness Journalism Intern
  • Sports And Fitness Marketing Intern
  • Online Digital Media Intern

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