Over a period of 7 years 100 of these 5-7 hour seminars were conducted, teaching thousands of coaches and lifters about the concurrent method of training.

We then filmed and distributed what you see blow with the  manual (also linked below) for over $200.00 for many more  years --  selling thousands of copies.

The influence this seminar has had on lifters around the globe has been profound as you will discover many of these methods are still used today...

...and as you will see many who are admittedly against these methods used them to develop their base.

When looking at your long term development you want to look at what is best for you, what other are doing and what others used to build their own base (or get where they are).

 It's not about doing what the "best" are doing. It about finding out what they did to become the best in the firs place. 


This seminar is the real deal, not a staged production. It is exactly what I was teaching years ago.




This playlist is over 5 hours of instruction.



Link to manual:  Force Training Seminar Manual