I’m going to share five reasons why you need an elitefts™ Yoke bar. I recently added this bar to my tool box and I'm very glad I did. I am going to share these movements and where I like to use them in my workout. This bar is a great resource for a raw squatter that needs to "up their game" but has limited time and needs a tool that can cover many weaknesses at once. The yoke bar will hammer your upper back, core, lower back, glutes, hamstrings and quads on each rep.

Free Yoke Bar Squat

This is definitely a great way to start the workout. Max singles with this bar teach you how to strain when out of position. A max rep is never pretty and sometimes technique goes out the window. This bar puts you in a poor position to start so you have to fight extra hard to get the top weights. To get out of the hole, you have to stay tight or you will stay in the hole. This is great for people that are weak out of the hole and need upper back work to stay on their heels through out the lift.

Free Yoke Bar Squat with 150 Pounds of Chain

This is another great way to start the workout. This is ideal for the individual who has a lot of pop out of the hole, but has a slow transition to lockout. This will teach you to keep pushing hard all the way through the lift. If you slow down, you will stop moving because 150 pounds of chain can pile up quick.

Yoke Bar Off Low Box

This is a great finishing movement for anyone with weak glutes. As you come off the box, fire with your glutes to stand up. The weight is not relevant here, and the goal is to focus on firing your glutes. A lot of people have a tough time activating the glutes and this is a good exercise for teaching one how to do so.

Paused Yoke Bar Squat with 200 Pounds of Band Tension

This can be a great quad builder. Use a close stance and pause in the hole, then explode to lockout. This fries the quads. For individuals that walk weight out, use this only as an assistance lift because the bands will lock you in one groove and track and it will teach you bad tendencies that will carryover poorly to a free squat.

Yoke Bar Anderson Squat off of Chains

This is the ultimate arch builder. User this at the end of a heavy workout when your legs are fried and your back is toast. The only way this bar will move with heavy weight is if you arch hard and keep that arch until the lift is complete. For people that round in the hole, this is a keeper.

So there you have it, five movements with the elitefts™ Yoke bar that can dramatically change your squat. You can only build a big squat with the right tools. This is definitely one that you need. While you’re at it, get yourself a Rumble Roller as well, because your back will definitely need it after your first session with this bar.

Be the yoke!