20 Most Popular Articles From 2015

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Let's keep this introduction short and sweet and get right to the list.

In no particular order these are the Top 20 from 2015.


16-Week Powerlifting/Bodybuilding Hybrid Program


15 Dumb Things Powerlifters Must Stop Doing


The Fit Chick Reality


The Beginner's Guide to Powerlifting: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know about Competing


Good Mornings: Understanding a Great Exercise


Seven Exercises for Rehabbing Your Ankle Sprain


Why Kai Didn't Win (and Why It Doesn't Matter)


Top Six Ways to Increase Your Sprint Speed


3 Ways to Really Build Muscle


16 Week Conjugate Periodization Program For Novice Powerlifters


Dieting to Single-Digit Body Fat


9 Week Conjugate Strength Training Program Proven to Break Records


12-Week Conjugate Program for Raw Powerlifting


Seven Steps for Building the Perfect High School Lineman


Shelby Starnes' 3-Way Hypertrophy Split


The 12-Week Training Program I Wrote with Jim Wendler


14 Deadlift Tips and Tricks


Back from the Dead: Starting Over with Jim Wendler


6 Ways To Increase Strength


Choosing Conventional or Sumo Based on Your Bone Structure



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