WATCH: Skip Hill Seminar (Part 4)

TAGS: ken skipp hill, jamaica, carb, skiploading, calories, carb cycling, health, seminar, supplements

In this video series, columnist Ken "Skip" Hill shares his presentation from a seminar he conducted in Kingston, Jamaica. He covers his training, supplementation ideas, nutrition, Skiploading, and other aspects of life as a bodybuilder.

In this final installment, Skip covers:

  • Metabolic use of calories (0:25)
  • Food choices for Skiploading (4:47)
  • Managing hunger (6:05)
  • Carb cycling vs. Skiploading (8:07)
  • Carb sensitivity (9:55)
  • Using baseline weight as a dietary indicator (11:10)
  • Maintaining weight while Skiploading (15:31)
  • Use of supplements while dieting (16:50)
  • Powdered protein and carbohydrates (19:36)
  • Advancement in nutrition knowledge (20:45)
  • Health and longevity (22:10)

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